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We bring the business universe to you in two ways:

1) We Advertise and Market your business by leaving a YouTube advertisement of your business calling card on the first page of Google results. Not just in the Costa Blanca, not just in Spain.
Click to view this live example
2) We create a Magnet Page of your website to attract more business to your present website.
Looks good eh! Actually its our magnet page, which is a streamlined copy if your website home page on our server.

Click on the image above and then click the magnet page and it sends you to the original website.

So why not let WebAds allow you to market research a name, location or product BEFORE spending lots of money. Try out a Magnet page or WebAd see what the market place response is. Maybe its a niche market - maybe there is a reason?

Our advice is: research it before you spend lots of money on a non runner !

Most businesses spend many hundreds of pounds in getting their web site up and running, and spend even more on SEO to get their web site onto the first page of google.
They may have a good relationship with their web master and certainly do not want to change what they already have.
That's fine, maybe it's worked, maybe it hasn't.

So let's not rock the boat and certainly let's not change what is already in place.

But what if there was another, completely independent way of getting your company on the first page of google results that did not involve your existing website or your webmaster?

They say, a picture tells a thousand words, so what if your business card or logo appeared in colour on the first page of the google search results.

We have been using Webads now for over 7 years and its proved to be so effective that's its the only advertising we do and its our only source of business leads.

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Advertising Costa Blanca, Marketing Costa Blanca, Webads Costa Blanca